Tuesday, July 3, 2012


In martial arts, the fist can be closed or open, and, therefore,one of the pair, as most persons have two fists, two hands, two arms,etc., can be 'YIN' WHILE THE OTHER IS 'YANG'.....Binary operations, dualistic notions, and so all boil down to 'YES' or 'NO'...and we,of course, also add other things such as, 'love & hate'; 'good & evil'; 'hot & cold',etc. and make them usually 'EITHER-OR', one or the other, etc....If we link hot and cold; good and evil; dark and light; etc. we then have a scale...a linear progression, a 'digitalized' format,etc. Our straight-line thinking and our clocks all tend to be this....thus a hundreth of a second becomes 'money' and the implications and consequences of all this are 'enormous'...DEVIATIONS FROM STRAIGHT LINES ARE THE RULE RATHER THAN THE EXCEPTION in many things and in many ways...as personal plans and goals are in a constant 'state of flux'...... THUS, ONE FIST CAN BE SOFT AND THE OTHER OF IRON...both can open or both can close and they can also alternate in various patterns should be be able to manipulate them and control them.....Yet, even those whocan do spectacular things with their fists do not always understand or master the lines from the fingers to the brain and vice versa....and the various subtle sensations and vibrations that may be present and actually felt if sufficient effort, that is, conscious efforts are made....we ignore most nerve patterns unless they are pinched or severed,etc....More on this another time.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


How often have people, when they realize or find out that I have some inkling of the various methods of self-defense and various martial arts, tell me of their DESIRE to LEARN such, often making a statement that they prefer one over the other, as if they knew why they felt that way and what it involved and why the others were not to their liking, without dipping their feet into the pond or stream...etc. Well, you all know what happens usually when people tell you such: THEY NEVER DO TAKE UP THESE ARTS and will still tell you of this INTENSE,OVERWHELMING DESIRE, LONGING, YEN,ETC. to embrace each and every one of these magnificent arts, especially after viewing numerous movies featuring the top stars and the exotic weapons that cut down villains galore,etc. etc. Moreover, they often, to achieve martial arts expertise vicariously, enroll or subjugate and subject their children to classes designed to make them 'karate-kas' or 'ninjas' etc. and devote great efforts to delivering and fetching their kids to classes, often substitutes for baby sitters,etc. Of course, the young and the youth, both slightly different if you get my drift, can learn much and benefit much when and if they do take up martial arts of any kind, provided some things are kept in mind, and usually these latter are not, since, 'you pay for what you get'......and can 'pick and choose' from a long list of schools and instructors in phone books, advertisements, etc. Then many substitute actual instruction for DVD watching, a few pushups and maybe a slight walk or jog through the park or something similar, like a class in tae bo to round out what they have read in magazines or books or watched on TV and maybe even from what they see and perhaps try to emulate at home from tournaments,either they or their kids have attended.....

Monday, March 29, 2010


Opening and closing the hands into fists or open palms is skill that does need practice but above and beyond that it has some other special meanings. We can refer to such as 'doing' and 'undoing' which are seldom considered beyond the practical ways of most ordinary considerations. Technically, these 'OPERATIONS' are called commutative. They can be done and undone. In mathematics, this is easily shown by the facts that addition can be 'undone' by substraction. Division is repeated subtraction while multiplication is repeated addition. Some things in mathematics as well as in life cannot be undone, or if attempted, the results are not 'even' or desired,etc. In martial arts, an example of operations that cannot be undone or reversed is KILLING SOMEONE. You may be able, if you simply injure or knock someone out, help them or revive them,etc. but once you kill someone you cannot bring them back to life! That is a non-commutative operation. There are some in mathematics but discussing all this 'theory' is not needed for this discussion. PLACING the clenched fists in various postions,particularly in salutary or ceremonial or ritual positions, such as, bowing, has a lot of things that can be discussed according to the arts, the disciplines, the schools,etc. that exist. One formation is that of the fists forming the SYMBOL OF TAO (DAO). If you know what this symbol looks like then you can form your hands this way: the right hand in a fist is grasped by the left hand which wraps about it to form the symbol of the Tao. If you then take it a step further, you can see the formation of THE OCTAGON or BAGUA/PAKUA symbol. The esoteric aspects of this are usually ignored or overlooked except in certain circumstances, as when one is meeting certain masters or groups and wishes to silently communicate,etc.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Over the years I have been asked this sort of question and the simple answer is: I AM NOT ANY STYLE, I AM A PERSON WHO SOMETIMES PRACTICES OR DOES KARATE. Extending this a bit, I am a person who sometimes exercises karate and on very rare occasions have used it and on other occasions have assisted others who might have some questions or notions or ideas on karate or who wanted something from me on basics,etc. All this latter can be most flattering. HOWEVER, most asking this question want to know what popular or usual style of karate I follow or practice, and also who my instructors are or were,etc. and also what schools or organizations I belonged to or still do,etc. NOW that I am at my age which, at the moment is 74, I have to consider my answer carefully because in some instances, KARATE PRACTICES ME. If anything I am in the 'school of NO STYLE' which means that I do not join or practice or follow any set routine or system or methods,etc. of any particular group, school, instructor, system, organization,etc. and merely practice by myself, for myself, and that means that I am at the point where I can dispense with all such considerations and focus actually on what I am doing and learning in such a way which is not acceptable to the mainstream and ordinary methods of training or practice or culturally conceived martial arts that most people now follow in some way. Not that I have not learned from others, been in groups or met outstanding persons and so forth, because I have but I have 'distilled' for myself what I want to do and how I do it,though I do have all kinds of references and so forth to consult should I get 'stuck' on a problem. I do not follow any particular kata or the like from any particular school or style. To understand what I am talking about readers of this blog should consult my other blogs on martial arts, such as those on esoteric ways.

Thursday, January 21, 2010


This statement refers to remarks made by other instructors in criticism of certain master who simply never learned a lot of kata or forms and patterns that might be considered basic.


At first glance this sounds like good advice until you realize that you might well get 'cut or killed' and such tactics should only be undertaken by an expert or a policeman who is more apt ot shoot an attacker than disarm him. More can be said on this.